l. I think the insects are starting to sing about you

by watergarden

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(free) 07:44


what is stillness dreaming of?

(this aural tale was designed using soft, dark tones, recommended listening is with headphones.)

[due to some unfortunate ruinations this album is not yet complete, and will be something of a living document for a little while. as such; if you pay any amount for it, and leave an email, I will personally email you any updated files for free in your choice of either .mp4 or .aif]


released September 21, 2016

All sounds + words written, performed, and engineered by Jo

Written sporadically from Summer 2014 to Summer 2016, with some aspects written as early as Spring 2013.
Recorded Spring + Summer 2016



all rights reserved


watergarden Laurel, Maryland

what is stillness dreaming of?

Blooming from adolescent electroacoustic experiments + projects; watergarden is a mystic, gloomy blossom of aural connections to nature, negative space, sensation, and other abstracts both sensual + sentimental, physical + metaphysical. ... more

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Track Name: l. the Forest's lull
From here I can hear under the blue. The sighing voice of the forest as it’s brushed by the hand of a windy lover. Welling up, I heave just the same, as your lunar heart lets down it’s atramentous and argent gossamer to billow all around.

I reach out to caress loose celestial strands dipping through the trees. A string of which only my deepest crimsons hear the sound. I gently sink as dark lulling clouds well up and swirl in, swallowing the silver.

From here I can hear under the blue. I think the insects are starting, I think the insects are starting to sing...

About you.
Track Name: lll. Stargazer's lament
I've been so lost, I've been so sunken. Dreaming and drowning in a silken sea. Gazing at the stars that twist aloft a dark, faintly purple veil of dreams.

I long to quiver, I long to dissipate. Swirling in an alluring aether carried by a wind so sweet. Far, far away from this existence so indelicate.

Such transcendence could only be my return to your world of such beauty. Oh and if it were so aligned, I could live never longing to die.


From way out here I sense a gleaming. I wonder, if you can see me...