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Nathaniel Jones
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Nathaniel Jones Beautiful, chilling poetry and beautiful, chilling guitar textures. It's all very romantic and very moving. Would recommend. Favorite track: watergarden.
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a ghostly vision of a formative era
small pieces that make up the unfinished watergarden demo once planned for autumn 2013

contains audio recordings from:
autumn 2012
late winter-early spring + mid summer-early autumn 2013
bonus track + poetry recorded autumn 2015

contains the poems:
watergarden (4/16/13)
pale (4/17/13)
jokulhlaups (5/24/13)
figureplane (12/4/13)


released June 3, 2016

all pieces/poems written, recorded, and performed by Jo
instrumentation: guitar, cymbal, electronics, voice



all rights reserved


watergarden Laurel, Maryland

what is stillness dreaming of?

Blooming from adolescent electroacoustic experiments + projects; watergarden is a mystic, gloomy blossom of aural connections to nature, negative space, sensation, and other abstracts both sensual + sentimental, physical + metaphysical. ... more

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Track Name: watergarden
spinning in the water with you
nothing ever feels the way it does
when I twirl with you

melt with you
cascade with you

lying in the water with me
my senses are weak
I feel your body run over me

melt over me
cascade with me

your delicate motion
billows in the water
a gentle surge floats my heart
softly to your possession
weeping through your hands
do not leave

oh cascader
you mean everything to me
Track Name: pale
I think it was her lucent hair that pulled me in
she looked like she had been scared half pale
but she was beautiful, so beautiful
with eyes made of glass
from the push of a turquoise sea

you know that I'm in love with you
I said
as if the very next moment I would go pale
I'll be so in love with you

I think it was her ethereal skin that made me shiver
I must have looked like I was scared half pale
when she chained her arms around my neck
held me like I was made of glass
from the lift of her blushing lips

you know that I'm in love with you
she said
as if the very next moment she would go pale
I'll be so in love with you
Track Name: jokulhlaups
I was so cold, ever frozen. A cerebral wall of wavering tranquility, shivering from the coaxes whispered warmly by a searing, ever forceful, unrest of visceral passions sworn to be unearthed nevermore. Slowly looming on the safety of solidity. Cascading, slowly weeping, a creeping flurry of dread fills a quivering deep as I feel myself shatter, giving in to a flood that gives no mercy to what it buries underwater. Under water, under water. You swore this wouldn't change a thing. Every structure, every growth, every heart so swept away and buried underwater, you swore this wouldn't change a thing.
Track Name: figureplane
out of her mouth and out of her eyes
came vines that transfixed me with hands of mesmerize
off of her frame, into my skin
floated a ghostly, vibrant vision

I am glowing
I am dissipating

to a plane of only her figure
grasped by a bed of hands so soft
a breath of fresh skin
under a stretch of eyes
lulled by a pulse that keeps me mystified